Mohs Surgery, named for its originator Dr. Frederic Mohs, is a highly specialized surgical technique for treating skin cancer where the doctor performs the role of both surgeon and pathologist. The technique was developed in the 1930s and is currently used around the world. Mohs surgery allows for the immediate microscopic examination of the removed cancerous tissue which eliminates days of waiting for a pathology report from an outside lab.

During MMS, the entire border between the cancerous skin and your healthy skin is evaluated, giving you the highest cure rate possible. This is what "100% surgical margin evaluation" means. The MMS technique works well because cancer grows and spreads in a haphazard fashion, making it hard to differentiate from healthy skin without precise microscopic evaluation.

  • Mohs Surgery Benefits

    At Henghold Skin Health and Surgery Group, we perform Mohs Surgery because of its benefits which include:

    • Precise removal of cancerous tissue
    • Maximum preservation of uninvolved, healthy tissue
    • The highest cure rate of all skin cancer treatments
    • Performed by a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon, Mohs Surgery is the "gold-standard" for the treatment of skin cancer

  • How is Mohs Surgery performed?

  • The Fellowship Difference